Friday, 1 November 2013

Radio TY

This year, Mrs L decided to set up a TY media team. Around 30 students volunteered, and we were all really excited about the work that we would be doing! So, armed with dictaphones, an Audioboo account and Audacity editing software, the media team set out with the task of interviewing students, teachers and any speakers who come to the school.
Interviewing 6th years at Halloween
  So far we have interviewed students on dress-up days, production team members of our school musical, cast members of the school musical and many more!
  I am really enjoying being a part of the media team, and I'm looking forward to hopefully reaching our goal for the end of the year, of recording our own radio show!
  Check out the Radio TY blog here, follow @StWolstansTY on Twitter and search for 'St Wolstan's TY' on iTunes to download all our podcasts.

  I hope everyone had a good week, and I'll be updating soon! :)

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