Friday, 25 October 2013

Debating and Driving

This week I competed in the first round debate of the Leinster Schools Debating Competition. My partner (who is also my sister!) and I proposed the motion that 'This House Would Introduce Third Level Fees'. After a tough round, especially since it was only Round 1, we found out that we got through to the second round! We were delighted, and I'm really looking forward to the second round.

  This week we also had a road safety talk from the Drive 4 Life program. It was a really eye opening talk, and it made me really consider how dangerous and risky driving actually is. We were told about driving precautions, how crashes happen, the effects of car crashes, and we even took a theory driving test! Since the talk, I have found myself noticing everything my parents do while driving the car much more often, and I am much more aware of how dangerous an activity driving actually is.
  So keep careful on the roads everyone, and I'll be posting again soon! :)

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