Friday, 8 November 2013

Snapchats and Science!

This week, as part of Science week, the Transition Year group in St Wolstan's went on a trip to the Institute of Technology Tallaght, to attend a talk on science.

  After getting a bus to Tallaght, and singing a few songs on the bus to keep everyone awake, we arrived at the college. We were ushered inside, and brought into one of the labs to receive an introduction. One of the biologists gave us a brief talk about the work done in IT Tallaght, and told us what each of the apparatus in the lab do.

  I found this really interesting, but as everyone began to move forwards, I heard some people calling for the teachers. I looked around, and Lauren had fainted! Luckily she was fine, and was back in school the next day.

  We then filed into one of the lecture theaters along with another 2 schools, to be given a talk by the Xtraordinary Science group. We were shown experiments and told about how amazing groundbreaking developments have been made in science over the years, and how this has affected people's everyday lives.

  I really enjoyed this talk, but afterwards we were all eager to go and get something to eat. We were brought to Liffey Valley shopping centre, with an hour to spend how we wished. A few of my friends and I headed to McDonald's to have lunch, and we went a little bit crazy by spamming lots of people with taking so many SnapChats!

I'll let you know about any more trips we go on over the year, so don't forget to check this blog for more updates!

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