Friday, 13 December 2013

Musical Maddness

This Friday was the launch of our school musical, Calamity Jane!
  Held in the newly re-opened Celbridge Manor Hotel, the cast put on a few numbers to promote the musical to the public and mark the official launch of the musical.
 To open the launch, Lauren, who plays the lead of Calamity Jane sang the lovely romantic ballad 'Secret Love' accompanied by a troupe of ballet dancers. Next, the whole chorus joined her to perform the opening number of the show,  'The Deadwood Stage'. To finish, Lauren and Róisín, who plays Katie sang a lovely duet called 'A Woman's Touch'
 As a choreographer and dancer for ballet, I had to perform in the ballet dance. It was great fun, but also quite scary for us as we had to dance in our pointe shoes on an extremely slippy floor!!
  All in all the night was a great success! Don't forget to pick up your tickets for the musical and to check out the Calamity Jane blog here:

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