Friday, 20 December 2013

Be Safe!

This week the TYs got to go on yet another trip! What a lucky bunch?!
This time, we were taken to visit a road safety exhibition at the Punchestown Event Centre.
  Due to the fact we had already been given a talk on road safety by the Drive 4 Life campaign and many of us had found it very hard-hitting and beneficial, we were all really looking forward to this trip!
  At the exhibition, there were many stands from companies relating to road safety, and there was plenty of free merchandise available! Over the course of the day, I took a test to calculate my braking reaction time, felt what it was like to be in a car crash and visited many other stalls too.
  After this, all the students gathered in a hall to listen to a talk given by Guarda Assistant Commissioner John Twomey, NYPD Officers and other guests, about the importance of road safety and awareness. Although it was difficult to listen to and quite sad, I felt that it was an important talk and really important in promoting road safety.
  Until next time, take care and be safe on the roads!

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