Friday, 20 September 2013

Two Days Away

So last Monday and Tuesday, my days were spent away from home, in the smallest county in Ireland - County Louth!
  At 7am on Monday morning, the whole Transition Year group met and got on a bus, before heading off to Carlingford Adventure Centre.
  When we arrived at the centre, we headed straight into our first activity: laser combat! I had such good fun playing sniper and 'drop and rolling', and I really enjoyed killing people... is that a bad thing?
  After having lunch and getting our rooms, we went out again and played some games on the challenge course. That evening, after some time to ourselves, the group was taken out on a night walk in the dark! We played games where we were blindfolded, and to our surprise we ended up being given a scare by some of the instructors!
  After very little sleep, we were out again early on Tuesday morning. We tried to complete a maze in the dark, did archery and body zorbing - I had such a good time even though it was wet and cold! 
   After lunch, we headed out on the water. I had been looking forward to this for days, but when the time came, I didn't really fancy heading out into the Irish sea! After getting into our wetsuits, we headed out onto the sea in kayaks, and made our way over to a giant water trampoline! After this, we went to a cave where we had to stick our heads under a waterfall, which supposedly gives an extra day of life. I would have to say, the water activites may have been my favourite part of the trip!
  When we arrived back to the centre, unfortunately it was time to go home... so we all piled onto the bus and headed back to Kildare (although nobody really wanted to leave - especially me!)
  I had such a wonderful time at Carlingford, and I hope that some day I will get to go back again!
  Hope you're all well, and if any of you are near Louth, you really should take a trip to Carlingford Adventure Centre!!
  Melissa :)

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