Friday, 6 September 2013


So after the first week of Transition Year, I already have several projects to be working on!
  I have been spending a considerable amount of time in the computer room (typical of the TY experience), which to be honest, is a nice change of scenery from a classroom! On the computers, I am working on several projects - a geography project on County Antrim, a religion project on the Millennium Development Goals, an Irish project on "Mé Féin agus Mo Shaol" and of course, this blog!
  I also have a few non-I.T. related projects to do this year. In home-ec, for the first term we have the task of creating a Junk Kouture outfit. Junk Kouture involves designing and making a dress or item of clothing made from recycled materials, and we also must include an electrical element in the outfit. My group and I have so far decided to go for a 50s themed outfit!
  TYs are also required to set up their own Mini-Company, and to enter a science project into the competition SciFest, but so far we haven't had too much progress (it is only the first week after all!), but I will keep you posted!
  So far so good anyway! 
  Hope everyone is well, and I shall be updating again soon!

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