Friday, 21 March 2014

Djembe Djembe!

This Thursday TY class Tabei was lucky enough to have a percussion workshop with Dave from 'Jabba Jabba Jembe'.
  The workshop was on how to play djembe drums which originally come from West Africa.
  We started off the day with basic techniques and rhythms and tried out more and more complex rhythms and patterns as the day went on.
  Dave told us about how drummers explain rhythms by using sounds. 
For example, one of the patterns we did sounds like 'Bah, bah, bahbiddi biddi,' and so on!
  We learned about the origins of West African drumming, how it was used traditionally and how it is used today. We also watched a DVD on life in Africa and how it differs from life here in Ireland.
  As a violinist and someone who relates very much to music, I really loved the workshop, and I hope I get another chance to try out djembe drumming and other styles, again!

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