Friday, 7 March 2014

Challenge Yourself!

For the past three weeks, instead of doing conventional sports for P.E. class, the Transition Year students at St. Wolstan's were lucky enough to be taken to Excel Gymnastics for three 2 hour sessions!
  Despite having tried most sports and activities as a child, I had never done gymnastics before, so I was really looking forward to trying it out!
  Each week, our class got to try out different types of gymnastics, like artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and parkour.
  We got to try vaulting, tumbling, cartwheeling, using the uneven bars and the beam. My favourite was probably vaulting, because although it was a little scary to start off, flipping and tumbling off the vault was really so much fun!
Here's a video of Jordyn Wieber, 2012 Olympic gymnast from the USA. Floor is one of the 5 apparatuses in Artistic Gymnastics.

I found myself gaining confidence each week, and I'm really glad that I threw myself into every activity, as it was such a unique opportunity!
  If I had more time, I would probably take up gymnastics, and I would recommend anyone to take up gymnastics or something new! Challenge yourself! :)

Here's a song recommended by YouTuber Troye Sivan that I just can't stop listening to!


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