Friday, 7 February 2014

SPECtacular !

This Tuesday was the School Finals of the Transition Year MiniCompany competition. This meant that all the mini companies set up stands in the library displaying their projects, and judges from Kildare Enterprise Board came to view and judge the companies.
  At the beginning of the year, in our Mini-Company groups we had been coming up with ideas for products or services and working hard on producing and selling them. 
  My group had the idea of making patterned and coloured stickers for the sides of your glasses. Two of the girls created the unique designs themselves, and we then produced the stickers.
  Over the past few weeks, we had also been working really hard preparing a report our work over the past months, making our poster and planning our display stand.
  On the day, we had to set up our display stand, along with the other mini-companies, and then present our project to the judges from the Enterprise Board.
  Everything went really well, and I am really proud of all the work we put in and how it turned out! Also, congratulations to Candy Blossom, the group that progressed to the County Final!

Until next time,

Melissa :)

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