Saturday, 1 February 2014


From the beginning of the year, the Transition Year Students were given the task of making a science project to be entered in the SciFest @ Schools Competition.
  In September, we were put into groups of 3, and were told to come up with an idea for a project, and to over the course of the next few months we had to work on our projects.
  My group's idea was to investigate what weight people thought was healthiest and best-looking. We planned our experiment, surveyed people to find out which weight out of the 4 pictures people thought was healthiest and best-looking, and compiled our results.
 Aside from actually carrying out the experiment, we had to make a project report book containing details of all the work we did, and make a poster with the details of our experiment and different pictures too.
 Admittedly, a lot of the work was done last minute, but nonetheless we put a lot into the project! I was actually so proud of how well our project turned out considering how little time we had to actually do the project.
  Friday was the day that we set up our stands in the school hall, and the SciFest judges came to the school. Some students from the other years also came around to look at the projects, after we had been judged.
  It was a great day, where we got to show all the hard work that we had done, and congratulations to the projects that got through as well! :)

  Until next time,

Melissa :)

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