Friday, 17 January 2014

Fashion Show!!

So guys, for the past week or so I have been unwell, so this on top of busyness has meant that I haven't really been updating this blog... Sorry!
  So, to update you on the activities that the Transition Years in St. Wolstan's have been up to this week: Junk Kouture!
  For weeks in Home Economics class we have been designing and creating our own dresses out of recycled materials. 
  My group decided to make a dress with a Vintage theme. We collected bubble wrap and old bed sheets for the skirt, and made a corset of film negatives. We also made flowers out of lace and attached these to the corset and to a vine to wrap around the corset, which was made of wire and green tape.
  Our inspiration for the dress came from this 50s Dior dress.
  On Thursday, the dresses were modeled in a fashion shoot, and we should find out soon which outfits will be entered further into the competition.
I'll try to be better about updating, but until then, I hope everyone is doing well!

Melissa :)

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